Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kim Namhye/ How to make Alio Olio/ Thu 1-3pm

I'm not good at cooking at all. I always find it difficult to make a delicious meal by myself. But, I had a time when I have to cook by myself inevitably. So, through experiences of living by myself, I learned how to cook a simple but decent meal. I think many of us like to eat Italian pasta. There are many types of pasta. Of them, I found out that Alio Olio is the easiest one to make. Alio Olio is olive oil based spaghetti, and the main ingredient of it is garlic. Here's how to make Alio Olio spaghetti in a simple way.


But, before you start cooking, you'll need to prepare ingredients for cooking. You will need: garlic, onion, pepperoni, pasta noodle, basil, salt, olive oil, water to boil the pasta. Actually, in most pasta restaurants, they need more ingredients. But, I'll prepare small amount of ingredients only, in order to make it easy and simple. With these simple ingredients, it's enough to make a good taste.

In addition to that, you will need small pot to boil the pasta, knife to cut ingredients (garlic, onion), long chopstick to handle ingredients, middle-sized skillet to fry all ingredients together.Then you're ready to start cooking.


First, pour 500ml water on the pot. Wait for about 8minuts until it boils. Then, while waiting for the water to boil, trim all ingredients. The most important and basic ingredient for this pasta is garlic. On the assumption that you've already peeled garlic beforehand, you'll now have to slice the peeled garlic thinly. Slice approximately 15-20 pieces. Next, chop one onion, it's better to make it finely in pieces. Onion will improve the texture of it. Now, it's time to preheat the skillet. Wait for 2 to 3 minute. When the pot starts to boil (you'll find it by observing steaming comes out from the pot), pour the pasta noodle in to the pot quickly. Then wait for 5 to 6minutes until it's done. Up to now, the half part of the process is done. Only the half is left.


Now, try to check whether the skillet is heated or not. When it is heated, the next step is to start to fry ingredients. First, oil the skillet. After this, start to fry onion first, as it needs more time to be overcooked compared to other ingredients. A few minutes later, when the garlic starts to turn to golden yellow, put chopped onion, pepperoni at the same time. Then fry all ingredients well with using chopstick. While the ingredients are heated, check out whether pasta noodle has been done. You'll easily find it out by eating one piece of noodle. When it's done, pour the water out from the pot. Then, put noodle on the skillet and mix it with other ingredients thoroughly. Finally, the last step is to season it with salt, basil, and olive oil. Spray certain amount of salt that fits your own taste. After this, add basil and olive oil to make the flavor more abundant.


Now, enjoy your pasta. You'll enjoy the taste of garlic and olive oil at the same time. Also, the taste of it is very light. Cooking isn't easy at all. But, if you follow this simple and easy step, you'll find it fun to make a dish. In addition, it needs small amount of ingredients, and takes only about 12 to 15minutes to finish the cook. So, try it if you like oil pasta, and if you feel like making a decent meal by yourself.



  1. 201002623 Lee JaehwanApril 2, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    Thanks for your detailed advices on cooking the pasta. Your sequence is very easy to follow, especially for someone who have cooking experience--that includes me. However, there are a few mistakes I can point out. Above all, it`s 'aglio e olio`; probably most people have mistaken this namre since the drama. This could be seen minor, but harms the reliability of the whole article. Second, There are a bit of sequence problems--such as there comes "first" twice almost in the beginning of the paragraphs; I think it`s a little confusing. And also, on the second sentence that starts with "first", I believe you wanted to say "fry the garlic first" instead of the onions. And I`ve got some personal questions, too: I think it would be better to include the level of heat you have to cook with, because one of the most difficult parts is controlling the heat, I believe. And also, I can`t quite agree on "overcook the garlic" part. It depends on which heat you cook on, but it could be very easy to burn them to hell, especially when thy are chopped.

  2. Hello Namyhe! Your topic is very interesting and I really enjoyed your essay. I used to cook for myself too. Someday I'll cook upon your recipe. Your essay is very straight forward and explains the steps of the process in sequential order. You properly used time clauses such as 'when'. You also properly used logical connectors such as 'First', 'Next', and 'Finally'. In addition, you included recommentation in the conclusion. The parts of the cooking process are organized in a logical process. Thank you for sharing your essay!

  3. One of my all-time favorite food is spaghetti, and I really enjoyed reading your recipe! Your essay shows describes steps that are easy to follow and keep track of, and I love all the little details in between. I would have loved your essay even more if you included the summary in the conclusion so that your essay can recap all the process and make it easier for readers to follow the steps.