Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ahn Chihwan / Stay Idle (Cause and Effect Essay) / Thursday 1-3 p.m.

Stay Idle

 Do you really want to hear and obey those saying stuff like 'Always do your best' or 'No pain no gain'? I believe for all your life you've heard words giving you burden to do something all the time. People think they should listen to those words to succeed. However, I'm willing to introduce several importances of being idle, which can help you succeed too. Being idle gives you time to think what you really want, enables you to spot the beauty of everyday life, and improves your efficiency and interpersonal relationships.

 First of all, being idle allows you to have time to think what you really want. Most people, including me, don't know what they really want but are doing something all the time. It's because they are obsessed with the idea that they should not take some time to relax, and even while they relax, they do not feel comfortable and somehow guilty. If you have enough time to think about yourself and what you really want, it will improve your life or work in general.

 Secondly, being idle enables you to spot the beauty of everyday life such as trees, people, or wandering cats. I'm not repeating what boring and wise essays like to say. Too busy and in hustle, people just see straight like a horse with blinkers and don't care about their surroundings, not just the buildings but other people and lives. Being able to catch beauties of your everyday life energizes you and gives you fresh impressions of the world. 

 Lastly, being idle can improve the efficiency of your work and your interpersonal relationships. Enough rest allows you to focus better on your existing tasks. If something new comes up, you could relatively easily deal with it because you have more time to allocate. Plus, the feeling you are controlling your life, not overly exploited makes you feel better so that you can interact better with other people. 

 To sum up, being idle has more noticeable importances than you might think. It allows you time to think deeply, to discover everyday life's beauty, and to improve your relationships and work efficiency. It doesn't stop you from succeeding. Rather, it helps you to succeed with more self-control. So don't be afraid, just try being idle. You'll find yourself enjoying your life better. 

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