Thursday, April 16, 2015

201302308 Dooseok Lee / Cause and Effect Essay / Thur 1-3pm class

Effects of living with a good friend


Many college students in Seoul are from many other regions. Therefore they are put in a situation to leave their hometown and live by themselves. They have many choices such as living by themselves, living in a dorm, and so on. But, I strongly recommend living with a friend at a private housing. It will help you to manage time effectively, handle loneliness, build close relationships with the friend and have fun.


Living with a friend helps you to manage time more effectively than to live by yourself. When college students live by themselves, some of them tend to sleep a lot, skip meals, feel bored or go out drinking. This can lead them to bad performance in academic performances, and also unsteady time managing. I think the reason behind this is because they have no one home when they get back after classes are finished. On the other hand, when you are living with a good friend, this situation happens less. You and your friend can wake each other up in the morning, or go to have dinner together. Also, you can check up on each other with academic schedule, through studying or going to the library together.


Coping with loneliness is also a hard task for those who live by themselves. Since living alone is the first situation they experience, many students face loneliness. Unlike life living with a friend, the situation when you have to do things all by yourself is a great task. However, this merely happens when you live with a good friend. You do not have to feel alone when you are at home. Also, when you or your friend is concerned about something, you guys can help each other out, through sharing ideas, thoughts, and importantly by caring each other.  


Living with a friend is a great chance to build a strong relationship with the friend and have fun at the same time. Even though you and your friend was not the closest friends before living together, once you spend time with the friend, you guys will feel some kind of bond. This relationship will highly likely to turn into life-long friends. Needless to say, really close friends that you can count on is essential part of life. Of course, once you get close, living together, fun life will surely come along. You can have fun life with the friend through sharing ideas, playing sports, and doing many other things together.


In conclusion, living with a close friend had numerous positive effects compared to living alone. These effects will surely help you to turn your life better. Of course, for some people living with someone other than family can feel uncomfortable at first, but this uncomfortable feeling does not last long for many people. If you are planning to live alone, why don't you rather ask your friend to live together? 


  1. 201101883 Hyojeong Shim I completely agree with you! I prefer living with someone else over living alone, although each of them has its pros and cons. Your cause and effect essay is well-written, with great thesis statement and supporting ideas. Your essay would have been better if you used some kind of a hook to grab readers' attention at the beginning.

  2. 201103477 Chun Young Ho
    I also agree with your essay. Your writing is well organized in logical sequence. You are introducing 3 main reasons that support your main idea in the thesis statement. Overall your each paragraph is shaping as a inverted pyramid so it is easy to understand what you are saying. I recommend you to use 'lead' or 'hook' that grabs the attention of the readers.

  3. 201581012 Ji Hyun Lee
    I like your main ideas. It is clearly mentioned in introduction. Your essay is well orgainized in logical sequence. You showed 3 main effects of your topic. It is easy to understand and it has good supporting ideas. I think if you reduce the repeated words(such as good and friend) and try to use synonyms, your essay will be better.