Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lee Seongho/Sleeping and good effects/ Thursday 56

Do you sometimes find yourself hurry to school after waking up in the morning ? or do you often feel it too tiring to keep up with your today's assignments? It's all about sleeping. People whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success, because they're more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening, Biologist Christoph Randler said. Yes, we all know sleeping early and enough is the key of life and in a workplace. But, aside from going to school in time, doing assignments in clear mind, and doing a great job in workplaces, there are several things which I believe will make your life better in other aspects. Heights, skins, and stresses.


This is not actually concerned with 20s but later on if we know this, it will benefit. Some adults may complain ' my height is too small. I am not charming, I am like a hobbit.' It is really regretful to hear such kinds of jeremiads. yes, it is sometimes too unfair because some people are so tall and handsome but some are not really so. But we must not be too much depressed by the fact. We will someday marry our own crushes and have some babies born. We have to prevent them from being short and uncharming. The easiest and simplest thing to prevent our babies from complaint about their height is let them sleep early and enough from their youth. There are several factors in being tall. Of all things, sleeping early and enough take a large part. From 10 PM to 2AM is usually the time the growing hormone significantly increases and gets more efficient. So if your babies just sleep well and enough in the proper time in their 10s, they can be happy in that matter for more than 50 years afterwards.


Second is skin. Have you ever experienced when you keep vigil or go hang out with your friends, hit the booze, or get caught by computer games all the day and night and do not sleep, your face gets ghastly and likely to get old faster and faster? Yes the skins of a man is deeply related to a good quality and enough time of sleeping. No matter what kinds of makeup you put on your face every day, it makes no difference if you are not devoted to caring about your bed time. I strongly recommend anyone, who wants to get his or her face and all other skins better and adorable, immediately, change your sleeping plan and go get asleep instead of squandering your money and brain cells with vain things like luxury makeup stuff. The reason is very simple. When a person sleeps, all the stress and damages he or she got in the face get lesson and the trouble like pimples get pacified soon. Just sleep and see your face get better.  


The last thing is about stresses. It is inevitable but possible to manage. Sleeping is most likely one very efficient. of course there are so many things to do for stress like going out and shopping, playing, dating, drinking, smoking etc….  But those things are more exhausting and stress triggering when something goes wrong; on the other hand, sleep is a necessary and fundamental in here sector as well. If you sleep early enough and well, it starts allowing your brains to recharge and your bodies take a rest. Of course it starts memory consolidation. So next, by enough and good sleeping, your brain just gets into recovery, And retrieves stresses. Some research has shown that most Americans would be happier, healthier and safer if they were to sleep an extra 60 to 90 minutes per night. So I also strongly recommend someone, who himself or herself thinks he or she gets a lot of stresses and gets more and more negative, go to bed and feel free to say ' I deserve sleeping more ! it's a reward to myself !'


Here, I came up with many good effects, such as access to more growing hormone, chances to let our skin get recovered and the key as resolving our stresses, from early and enough sleeping over other things. What I want to elaborate is simply that, sleeping is everyday's activity and so slight that it and its many positive things are sometimes forgotten by many people, so it is the very time that we turned to benefits of early and enough sleeping from other things and made our lives better !


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  1. Hello I am your classmate Seohee, I really enjoyed your post thank you. I could find firstly your thesis statement because it was clear, which was “there are several things which I believe will make your life better in other aspects. Heights, skins, and stresses”. The background information caught my attention so it has an enough information to give an advance of your topic. On the process of the essay, it has all the parts of the thesis statement, so it has a logical sequence with each necessary details. And your conclusion as recommendation was perfect to end with your essay. Thank you!!!