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Indulge Yourself when Dieting


It is a conventional wisdom that one should refrain from eating fatty, high calories food when going on a diet. Yet, as majority of such meals like fast foods, fried chicken, processed foods, ice cream and snacks are hard to abstain from, we are prone to either end up going on a binge afterwards. If not, we become stressed-out having to suppress our ravenous appetite for them. Therefore, refraining from having such meals doesn't seem like an ideal solution. But, by indulging yourself in whatever dish you prefer, not only can you minimize the risk of going on a binge for consecutive days, but also can live a stress-free life with the enjoyment of delicious meals.


First, set a specific date, once a week, when you are going to indulge yourself in disregard of calories or type of food you intake. For instance, if you marked Friday to be the designated self-indulgence date, free to eat whatever meals you like on that day. But bear in mind to steer clear of fast food restaurants and food stands alike during the rest of the days. This way, not only can you immunize yourself against appetite control but also can genuinely enjoy your meals without suffering from guilty conscience for such intake. All through maintaining your self-established rules. Great weight gain come when you incessantly go on a binge for consecutive days with such meals. However, as long as you keep to your daily regimen routinely, you can both immunize your ravenous appetite and not put on weight easily.


Second, you can have stress-free life with indulgence of yourself. Among various kinds of pleasures, eating itself takes up great part of our lives. While going overboard in trying to avoid our favorite meals out of diet can enormously dampen our mood and spirit for our life. Not only is this harmful for our mental health but also can sap morale in our workplace or in school. Living a healthy life doesn't necessarily mean maintaining a physical fitness but also to live a life with vitality in a positive mental state. If eating such high calories, fatty meals provide us with indescribable euphoria, then it is advisable to indulge yourself in them. It is better to feel guilty of what you have eaten than to suffer from not being able to eat them. As former guilt of conscience helps us to curb our incapability in controlling our eating habits, we can live our life to the fullest with indulgence.


To sum up, contrary to old belief that force us to avoid fatty, high calories foods, we can go on a diet in a healthier, in a more effective manner by indulging ourselves in whatever food we like. By eating our favorite meals regularly within a self-established regimen, we can strengthen our resistance against our voracious appetite and live a happier, healthier life with much content. 

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