Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oh Ga-yeong 201202029 / Cause/Effect essay / Thursday 1-3 P.M.

<Three good effects of living a lazy life>

     Late birds catch the lifespan. What does this mean? Most people so naturally agree that early birds catch the worms. However, will the habitude of getting up early really bring good results? If you are the person who requires a lot of sleep and manages your affairs better at night, it isn't reasonable to sleep early and get up early because it makes your biorhythms unstable. A certain amount of laziness can bring good results to some people. If you are lazy, your health gets better, it's more easy to secure your own time, and you can have better interpersonal relationships.     

     Firstly, if you live a lazy life, your health gets better. Usually, lazy people are always relaxed like a sloth. To them, there are no reasons to get stressed because they never rush whatever may happen. The more people rush, the more they get stressed because they can't be relaxed. In contrast, lazy people never hurry themselves even though it's urgent because they just consider it tiresome. Like this, lazy people think so simply that they never get stressed. Also, lazy people don't take a shower often and according to a research, it was found that it is much better to take a shower occasionally than often. So if a person is lazy, he or she is surely healthy.  

     Secondly, lazy people can secure their own time more easily. Only experienced people know the feeling of doing computer alone at night silently. It feels like that I am all alone in the whole world and that the entire night-time belongs to me. Other people have just started to sleep but my day has just begun. In contrast, if you get up early, you will feel like sharing the morning hours with other people than enjoying the time all alone. It's because the time that other people will get up is coming. You will feel like your own time is getting fewer.

     Lastly, lazy people have relatively good interpersonal relationships. People usually love the person who has a lazy mind than who gets stressed each time. People who have a relaxed mind can share their peaceful mind with other people and can make other people get calmed. However, overly diligent people can give a stress or pressure to the people around themselves. You want to be relaxed and do nothing but if somebody next to you is doing something with excessive passion, you get a pressure against your will. So most people prefer being with easygoing people. Do you want to become popular? Then, you have to become lazy.

     Like this, if you live a lazy life, you can get a lot of good results. If you are lazy, your body and mind get healthy, you can feel the entire night-time as your own time, and you become popular because lazy person has a power to lessen the stress of other people. Therefore, there are no needs to sleep early and get up early compulsorily. Nobody can be convinced that being diligent is better. A certain amount of laziness can bring great amount of good results sometimes. But pay attention! It is a certain amount of laziness, not a great amount of laziness.


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  1. As someone who is far from an early bird, I found your essay quite interesting to read and sympathize with. There were a few grammatical errors in your essay but only a very few. Overall, your essay was very logical not to mention fun to read! (201202968, Lim Jung-Yun)